COVID-19 Resources

Statement regarding Terre Hill Borough Administration:

Due to the coronavirus COVID-19, Terre Hill Borough will be taking measures to keep the community and our employees safe.  Although our office is still open to the public, we ask that potential visitors to the Borough Office please consider calling us so that we may conduct as much business as possible without physical interaction.

Trash Collection Bill Payments– May be placed through the slot in the front door.  If you desire a receipt for your payment, please include your e-mail address and we will scan and send you a copy of your payment receipt or a copy can be mailed to you.  Please indicate whether you wish to receive a receipt and the manner in which you wish to receive when dropping payments through the door.

2020 Yard Waste Permits– Renewals with renewal invoice – mail your renewal form with payment to Terre Hill Borough and we will mail or e-mail, if preferred, your 2020 Yard Waste Permit to you.

Renewals without renewal invoice – if you have had a yard waste permit in the past but do not have your permit renewal invoice, please contact the Borough Office to update your information, mail payment to the Borough Office and we will mail or e-mail, if preferred, your 2020 Yard Waste Permit to you.  

New Applications –application forms for new yard waste permits can be obtained by clicking on this link.  Print and mail completed application to the Borough Office OR call the Borough Office and provide information over the phone, we will complete the form on your behalf, mail payment to the Borough Office and we will mail or e-mail, if preferred, your 2020 Yard Waste Permit to you

Zoning Related Issues/Questions and Building Code Inspections:

Under normal circumstances we would love to see you but during this time, please consider calling our office or e-mailing [email protected] for Zoning and Building questions.

Building Code Inspections:

Terre Hill Borough uses a third-party building code inspection service to perform building code inspections in compliance with the Uniform Construction Act.  The following is from a statement received from Associated Building Inspections:

Governor Tom Wolf’s order regarding the prohibition on operation of businesses that are not life sustaining: 

“No person or entity shall operate a place of business in the Commonwealth that is not a life sustaining business regardless of whether the business is open to members of the public. This prohibition does not apply to virtual or telework operations (e.g., work from home), so long as social distancing and other mitigation measures are followed in such operations.”

The Governor’s office issued a supplemental Life-sustaining-business list. Construction is in the category that may not continue physical operations. (Except: Healthcare facilities, emergency repairs or work that is being conducted in connection with a DCED waiver are permitted.)

Effective Monday, March 23, 2020 at 8am, under direction of state and local governments Associated Building Inspections (ABI) is conducting business on a limited basis. ABI has set in place the following protocol to comply with the Governor’s Order:

All inspections for new construction, additions, alterations, and renovations for residential and commercial have been suspended. (Except: Healthcare facilities, emergency repairs or work that is being conducted in connection with a DCED waiver found at the below link are permitted.)

  • Any DCED waivers must be submitted to our office at [email protected] and approved prior to any inspections being scheduled.
  • Any inspection conducted will follow the below protocol:
    • Maintain Social distancing 3-6’ min. (No Contact)
    • Clear area to be inspected, of site, of non-essential personnel (as reasonably as allowable)
    • Protective gear is to be worn (N95 mask, gloves)
  • Plan reviews may still be conducted. However, you will still be required to make permit submission at the municipal level and the municipality is still required to issue all permits and Certificates of Use and Occupancies. You are encouraged to submit plans electronically.
  • We will continue to offer inspection and plan review support for emergency repairs.
  • We will continue to offer support to municipalities, emergency and first responder services. Such as in an event of fire or vehicle crash into a residence, etc.

The above steps outline a general policy and does not cover all circumstances. If you feel that your project is an exception to the governor’s prohibition on construction, please reach out to your local municipality and ABI. For questions directly to ABI, contact [email protected].

Please note that any permit applications must be submitted to Terre Hill Borough and not directly to Associated Building Inspections.

Statement regarding Terre Hill Borough Public Works:

Terre Hill Borough Public Works will continue to serve the community. We know many residents often stop to ask questions or chat with Public Works employees when they see them working around the Borough, however we are now requesting that you follow social distancing guidelines to help protect our employees as well as the community.

Public Safety Resources in Relation to COVID-19

The following links and documents to trusted and reliable organizations and information are provided in order to help residents, find reliable information regarding the coronavirus, COVID-19:


Health Care

Wellspan Ephrata

Penn Medicine

Public Library

Eastern Lancaster County Library:

School District

Eastern Lancaster County School District:



PPL Electric Utilities News Release – waving late bill fees during COVID-19 pandemic


Frontier Communications:

Blue Ridge Communications:

Water & Sewer:

Weaverland Valley Authority:

Trash Collection

Terre Hill Borough

Recommended Waste Disposal during COVID-19

Guidelines keep trash collection workers safe during this pandemic:

  1. Bag & Tie your trash – please avoid placing loose trash in your trash receptacle.  All trash should be placed in bags and tied closed.
  2. Continue to place recyclables items loose in your bin – wash containers; remove lids; please refrain from placing recycling out on windy days and placing corrugated cardboard in your bin on rainy days
  3. Our contracted hauler, Eagle Disposal, has discontinued bulk item pick up during this time.  Please do NOT place bulk items curbside as they will not be picked up.  (Please note that when the hauler resumes bulk item pick up bulk item tags are required to be placed on the item for pick up.  Bulk item tags can be obtained at the Borough Office.)
  4. Limit interaction with drivers and staff



World Health Organization COVID-19 Dashboard:

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CDC Coronavirus COVID-19 FAQ:

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FTC Post Regarding Checks from the Government:

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Governor Tom Wolf’s Office

Governor Wolf Orders All Non-Life Sustaining Businesses to shut down:

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Pennsylvania Department of Health

PA Department of Health Coronavirus Page:

Commonwealth of Pennsylvania

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PAcast COVID-19 Community Preparedness and Procedures Materials:

PA Department of Human Services COVID-19 Response, Guidance, and Actions (updated 03/17/2020): (PDF)

Pennsylvania Unemployment Compensation

PA UC Employee Guidance:

PA UC Employer Guidance:

Lancaster County

Lancaster County Homepage

Lancaster County COVID-19 Updates Page